Tough Blade Review

Max Clarke

March 15, 2017

Personal Care

MicroTouch Tough Blade If you watch any TV at all, you’ve seen former NFL star quarterback Brett Farve selling a product called the Tough Blade.  This product is a replaceable cartridge razor that promises to give you a good shave much cheaper than the blades you can buy at the store. You’ve seen similar commercials […]

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Digital Income Method – Real Deal or No Deal?


February 14, 2017


No Comment

Mack Mill’s Digital Income Method Of course you’ve been hearing all the hype surrounding Mack Mill’s new VSL & Funnel called “Digital Income Method” (not to be confused with Daily Income Method also by Mack). Mack is a legend in the network marketing world. His previous VSL system has generated over 8 figures in sales […]

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